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National Geographic’s profile of Tejas (LCA)

This happens to be the second post on LCA, the other one was about LCA’s first flight.


Peugot ad

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Camel ad

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Happydent ad

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Funny and very creative! 🙂

Pepsi ad (elephant)

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Airtel Ad

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I know not who I am

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A thought provoking song by Rabbi Shergill. Hits your inner most core.

via ATP

I am India

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So what moves the Indian elephant? 1/3rd of the nation is still struggling to realize its dreams, its destiny. It’s the hope that matters. A hope for a modern India, a shining India.

The video, yet another marvelous offering from Bharatbala productions, aims to highlight that shining India.

Leveraging India as India stands up

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An interesting talk by Dr. Ashok Jhunjunwala from IIT madras as a part of Google TechTalk series:

German Engineer sings bollywood song

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Funny ad featuring Gilchrist

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Adam Gilchrist in a funny Ad.

New Delhi’s Akshardham Temple

April 4, 2006 by

A look at the new Akshardham temple at New Delhi.

Newly weds

April 3, 2006 by

A funny episode from the life of a newly wed couple.

Excerpt from the video description (Originally uploaded by Kunal Seth)

Ankita and Sachin finally got married on Jan 7th after dating for a couple of years. I, Kunal, filmed this video on Jan 31st, less than a month after their wedding. On this night Ankita was upset with Sachin because he had been drinking and Sachin was trying to make up by cooking Maggie for her.

Now it's for you to decide whether marriage is misery or joy. In my opinion it's joy of misery 😀

Link courtesy Ankan

Mystic India – Trailer

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Looks like a good movie…

Ladoo Shop

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It sucks in totality, but anyways. 😛