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German Engineer sings bollywood song

May 14, 2006

Funny ad featuring Gilchrist

April 5, 2006

Adam Gilchrist in a funny Ad.

Newly weds

April 3, 2006

A funny episode from the life of a newly wed couple.

Excerpt from the video description (Originally uploaded by Kunal Seth)

Ankita and Sachin finally got married on Jan 7th after dating for a couple of years. I, Kunal, filmed this video on Jan 31st, less than a month after their wedding. On this night Ankita was upset with Sachin because he had been drinking and Sachin was trying to make up by cooking Maggie for her.

Now it's for you to decide whether marriage is misery or joy. In my opinion it's joy of misery 😀

Link courtesy Ankan

Ladoo Shop

March 31, 2006

It sucks in totality, but anyways. 😛

December 4, 2005


I wish these ad makers stop wasting such beautiful talents! 😦

Untapped talent part 2

November 29, 2005

An amateur music video by wannabe vamps 😛 . Hilarious!

Untapped talent in South Africa

November 29, 2005

These three South African dudes can give any bollywood hero (or heroine for the matter) a run for their money!

Baby, Chai Chai Chai!

November 27, 2005

One of the better Desi reditions of the american pop songs — this one does it to Bye Bye Bye from N’Sync.

And its hilarious! (especially the lyrics and the guy’s voice).

The story starts with an IITian getting fired from his job for sleeping in the office. And he is all gloomy and about to leave the office — he gets a brilliant idea! (common trait of the IITians? ;))

Russell Peters again

November 26, 2005

This one is a short clip from his famous toronto show. One more.

More clips can be found here.

Funny Cricket Moments

November 26, 2005

Some nice cricket fans from Pakistan have uploaded this video which is at times funny and at times pretty scary 😀

I personally love the one in which England’s player Irani interacts with the spectators 😛

Manno Bhaabi Coca Cola Ad

November 26, 2005

One of India’s really popular advertisements, featuring Amir Khan as Manno Bhabi. Watch Manno Bhaabi apply a desi chhawnk 😛

Zaheer Khan’s stadium romance

November 26, 2005

This girl would never forget this match. Check out the video to find out why 😀

Russell Peters’s standup comedy show

November 26, 2005

russell peters


This guy is hilarious!! The video will specially appeal to the non-resident desis. Adults only

Curry n Rice Girl

November 26, 2005

3mins 35secs

See the desi rendition of Hollaback Girl in a video where two south indians are trying hard to find the right girl – but the parents want a curry and rice girl! 🙂